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#freiundgleich (English: #freeandequal) is the human rights initiative of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). The basis for all Human Rights is freedom, equality, and dignity – for every child, every adult, every human being. All people should know their rights.

Christians believe that God created all people in his image and thereby has given each and every one inviolable dignity and rights. Everyone is different and yet as valuable as the next. This fundamental Christian belief finds its secular legal form in the human rights.

All people are free and equal.

70 Years after the Declaration of Human Rights

…nothing can be taken for granted.

In 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Today – more than 70 years after – the EKD is committed in human rights education. Our initiative #freiundgleich supports churches and civil society in their work on the ground, because human rights can never be taken for granted. When human rights do not apply, people suffer from despotism, oppression, discrimination and violence. Human rights must always be upheld and defended.

The Initiative

… builds awareness for human rights and their defence as a task of the church.

  • #freiundgleich informs: What are human rights? What do they protect? What can we do to protect human rights? With a travelling exhibition and educational material, the Initiative informs about human rights.
  • #freiundgleich narrates: How people strive for human rights in their daily life. Watch the video portraits and find out more about our “Everyday Heroes”.
  • #freiundgleich moves: With a wide range of cultural events, workshops and publications. Find out more about our activities.

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